About Our Cafe Store


Have you ever found yourself up at night thinking about the product that you want but cannot afford it. Finding the same quality products at low price is very challenging and requires your time. 

We offer variety of quality products that are very dependable and strong. We also provide few auto products like robotic vacuum, smart light bulb (FYI - these smart products are made to save energy) and more to bring quality in your life. Now you have power to control your home from the comfort of your bed. In addition to these auto products, we offer variety of electronics products, apparel, households products and more. Check our store for complete list of products that we offers at very reasonable price.

We are online store with the aim of providing quality products with low price and is mainly focusing on reducing product cost for our customers. We will deliver your orders products within 2-15 business days with few products taking upto 2.5 weeks.

To make you shopping experience more productive and convenience, you can now track your ordered products from our site.

Start your saving journey now in our online store.

Since This is our new Online Store, Please please- put review and write it in our store for each products after use for other customer. Let them know what you think about the product you bought.

Thank you.


Store owner-

Padma Pokhrel